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DTA M48 in a Vtec Mini
Written by Peter Florance   
Friday, 01 January 2010 02:34


I received a call the other day from local race shop. Their customer has a really nice RHD 70's Mini with a Honda B16 motor and DTA M48 engine management.

Although I had not worked with DTA, my hope was that it would have tools and software similar to other brands of engine management. I was not disappointed.

The DTA box is not one of their current products, but appears to be well made. The Windows-based software is pretty easy to navigate and had all the tools I needed to trouble shoot the installation.

First step is to hook up the laptop and see what the DTA is seeing.

Using the Real Time Display, I was hoping to see some clues. First was obvious; the DTA box reset several times during cranking. Not good.

At this point, I treat ECU's like a black box; they need clean power and ground. A check of 12v power pin of the M48 with the USB scope revealed 14 volts of power with 12 volts of noise on it. Probably starter noise. The sharp drops in power at 38 and 45 best online casino msec would certainly cause the box to reset.


I traced the main relay power lead internet poker and it ends up coming from the starter B terminal.

Relocating the power lead to fused battery lead cleaned up the problem. No resets and no sync errors during cranking (DTA has a nice diagnostic display as well).

A fresh set of plugs and the B16 started on the first crank!

I'll post more on this in the morning, but it was a good day and the car is running.

Update: we've installed a MAP sensor and repaired the broken ignition switch (Range Rover switch fit perfectly). It runs pretty rich and I'm still not sure how to tune it. Shot an email to DTA to find out how their 'dyno box' works and whether it is required or not.  No answer after a few days. Meanwhile owner of car wants to install MegaSquirt instead as it's obvious I'll have some learning curve to deal with on DTA.

I'll quote him a MicroSquirt and it should be pretty straight-forward.